If you are not seeing the results you want to see in your business

Now is the time to make sure that you are visible, where your potential audience are looking for you.



Yes, I am sure that you “Google it” when you are ready to buy, so of course it stands to reason (and is proven) that your customers are also looking for you in Google search too.  Yet so many professional business owners are not getting found, because they have no idea how to position themselves in search (forget SEO and spammy backlinks – they really do not work!)

Welcome to All Things Gplus

The Effective Gplus Marketing Membership

For Professional Business Owners!


The place where you will learn the important facets of Google and Google Plus, and be able to implement them into your business in less than an hour a week……

A place where you can be sure that the content you are watching, listing to and learning, is totally Up To Date at all times!



Spending just 20 minutes a week to master a tool or process and put it into action!  Just 20 minutes to implement something that will make a real difference to you, your business and your profits……..

Imagine:   Every month receiving a brand new training module, that shows you why and how to use a business tool, process or strategy on Google, GPlus or Hangouts and a specific way to use that tool or feature to see real results for your business. (all broken down into simple 20 minute weekly modules so you don’t have to spend hours learning or implementing stuff)

Imagine:  Each tool or process building on what you have already mastered and implemented, taking you to the next step, and offering you more ways to save time and money – attract more clients and customers.  (without overwhelm or hours of implementation).

Imagine: Receiving a brand new top class training video, cheat sheets and downloads each month, that you can work through in your own time, quickly and easily…..

Imagine: receiving quick, easy to learn, powerful tools and strategies, that you can pick up, digest and put into action Fast!

Imagine: receiving step-by-step learning modules with:

  • No long winded fluff
  • No here is an overview, without the WHY (when you don’t know why you are doing something it gets really hard to bother!)
  • Pure content created for you, the busy ‘preneur and business owner.

This isn’t simply about how you press the buttons:


This is a membership that brings you what you need to see… real results.  Each monthly module will not only show you step by step, how to use a tool, feature, or process but also:

  • Why you should be pressing the buttons
  • What benefits each tool or feature will bring to your business

Every month you will have a reason for picking up what you learn

and putting it into action straight away!


So if you are ready to get Googled and a whole lot more, discover real gems that will save you time, money (and headaches) , help you to raise your visibility, and get your business seen exactly where your potential customers are looking for you.

If you are ready to attract more leads and client’s for your business and at the same time save yourself time and money too …….

If you are ready to invest just 20 minutes a week in seeing real results and achieve more success in your business, then let’s get started.

Join Us Today!

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Why is this so incredibly affordable and such a teeny no-brainer  investment for you?

Now, you might be thinking – goodness me is this stuff low quality – it’s only  $97 a year?  

NO – I am offering this membership to you at such a crazee affordable price, because I want to make sure there are no barriers to entry for anyone and because I really am passionate about offering what I have been asked for  and adding real value for others and I have been asked to create an

  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • Low cost but HIGH QUALITY training! 

If you would like to invest more, move at a faster pace and really dive in and work 1-2-1 with me – you can do that too – I am not a low cost, budget end, low quality product creator, but I do like to give choices and opportunities, so that those who are not ready or able to invest in working exclusively one on one with me can still receive top class training, because I know that one size doesn’t fit everyone ……….

Let’s Recap On What You Will Receive In This Exclusive Membership!


  • A live Monthly Business Success Q&A call with me and your exclusive Club members
  • A monthly complete step by step training module, on a proven Google, Google Plus, business marketing success tool or strategy, that you can watch in your own time 
  • Tips, shortcuts and resources
  • Membership of the exclusive Google Plus Community, where I’ll share EVEN MORE marketing ideas and insights with you
  • Recordings of  all the weekly GPlus Girls TV episodes, where I answer real questions from real people, looking to discover quicker, simpler and more successful ways of working and integrating Google Plus into their business.
  • Recordings of any webinars/hangouts/Interviews I create to share top tips and strategies for using G+ and hangouts


Join Us Today!

Only $497 $197  $97 per year

For the first 100 members!


 Your Investment is risk free – cancel your subscription anytime


Take a look at some of the things you will discover

As a member of Easy GPlus

Creating foundations

What are you doing, why and what results do you want to see?  We will look at who your target audience is, why it is important to define your niche and your perfect customer, (something many business owners find really challenging and struggle to do).

Setting up and optimising your platform

How to create a strong Google Plus profile and business page.. 

In this module we will look at exactly what you need to put into place on your profiles and business pages, how to optimize your pages, link them to your websites and attract more people to want to get to know you more and circle you…

Linking and verifying your website with G+

When you link your website with your G+ profile and pages, your content is recognised as being yours, Google knows you are the content creator on your blog and your search results will start to show your profile picture, links to your website and more details, which will give you a much bigger opportunity to attract more clients and leads for your business.

In this module I will show you how to implement GPlus Authorship & publisher systems on your website in a straight forward easy to implement processes

Perfect YouTube channels

Setting up and linking your YT channel/s to the right place on Google plus for optimum results is really important, and also very challenging and confusing to many.  In this module we will go through step by step, why to link a channel, how to link a channel and what to think about before linking your channels to a profile or a page.

Google Circles

What they really are and how to use them for real relationship building, business building and marketing.  

Discover how to organise your circles, find out who sees what and how you can take complete control of the content you see and what you share with others.

Sharing, posting and connecting

Learn powerful ways to get your message out to the right people, without time suck and overwhelm.  How to easily find value added content to share with your followers and potential clients, without having to do it all on your own, or spend hours writing blogs and creating videos…..

Google Drive

Taking advantage of online collaboration, real time editing and planning, cloud storage and sharing with ease.  Using Google drive is a great way to save time and money in your business and create content to share that is quickly and easily update-able too….  We will look at how you can collaborate in real time with your colleagues and clients, even if they are in completely different parts of the country or even in different countries.  How you can turn a document into pdf format instantly and much much more.

Google Hangouts

Getting started the right way – inviting guests – automating results – showcasing your business.  Hangouts are one of the most exciting tools we have seen for a long time, and best of all they are completely FREE, so you can now connect, present and share face to face from anywhere in the world, without expensive monthly subscription plans….

Google Communities

Deepening the relationship with your potential clients and target audience – the right way!  Google communities offer far more than a flat 2D platform to share posts and comments, they have more capability than the majority of ‘preneurs realise and you will discover how to create, organise and collaborate with your potential clients as well as offer exclusive private and confidential communities for your paying clients too..

Google Events

How to use Google events for live stream broadcasting, selling tickets, creating more visibility and engagement

Google analytics

Perhaps not the most exciting tool to explore, but one of the most powerful, because if you don’t know who is visiting your platforms or viewing your site, where they are coming from and how much your social shares are impacting your business, how can you measure your results and how will you know what really is working for you

Reputation management

Simple ways to ensure that you know when people are talking about your business, so that you can react or engage when you need to, without spending hours looking for the conversations that relate to you and your business

Content curation and creation

The best tools and ways to quickly and easily find great content to share with your audience, save yourself time and effort AND add more value more easily for your followers and potential clients

Don’t Miss Out – This Is an amazing opportunity

Only $497  $197  $97 a YEAR!

for the first 100 members!


Your Investment is risk free – you can cancel your subscription anytime

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